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Educating, Enriching and Empowering the people of Africa


Standards for rural, public schools vary with teacher attendance often optional and school books and supplies in limited supply. Our sponsored children are sent to boarding schools where they are assured of clothes to wear, food to eat and a safe bed to sleep in. With these basic necessities met they can then concentrate on maximizing the given gift of an education.

Gender Equality & Ethics

United Nations Millennium Development Goal #6- To eliminate gender disparity in… secondary education.. by 2015. Many African girls lack role models and education can often remain elusive. More than 50% of our students are female with a 90% graduation rate.

Peaceful Conflict Resolution

With 56 different languages spoken in rural Uganda and tribal loyalty being the norm, lack of communication can often lead to violence. We seek to offer a format for resolution through an educational program that will help them to envision how peaceful relations can be achieved.

National Prosperity

Rural Ugandans suffer from the hardships of widespread poverty. 38% of rural children and 12% of rural women are chronically undernourished. 70% of rural Ugandan households rely on agriculture for their livelihoods and live off of less than $1 per day. 70% of the population is under age 30 with a potential hazard to national security if they remain unproductive. Through an educated family of E3 Africa graduates we hope to begin to affect the causes of Ugandan poverty.

Our Story - Father Robert

Father Robert Aliunzi, orphaned at age 6, spent much of his childhood working to keep food in his stomach while evading Ugandan militia violence. His goal in life was to get an education. Forty Four years later he finds himself in the United States, working to help children much like himself please read his story.

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